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Friendship Heights Neighbors Network
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Become a Service Provider - Basic Info

Thank you for your interest in FHNN volunteer opportunities. The success of FHNN depends on volunteers who are willing to lend a helping hand.

Members may need basic help like transportation, grocery shopping, prescription pick up, companionship, or assistance with other basic tasks. It is great comfort when they know help is coming from a neighbor. For volunteers, there is a feeling of satisfaction by demonstrating commitment to the FHNN community's wellbeing. 

Volunteers may choose how and when they wish to help. They pick and choose the time and type of assistance they want to give. On average, volunteer assignments last about 90 minutes, with some assignments much shorter and a few longer.  

To let us know you are interested in volunteering, you can either fill out our Volunteer/Service Provider sign-up form (see below) or call us at 240.620.3285 or email us at We will respond promptly to you. 

We hope to hear from you soon.  If we do not respond to your email or sign-up form, please be sure to call us.  

If you wish to be a volunteer for Friendship Heights Neighbors Network, fill out the following information.

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